Help out Haiti

January 14, 2010 - Leave a Response

Hello. Now, litsen, you know about Katrina, right? And last year in China. Haiti is a lot like that now. We can’t let those people in Haiti go without a home, without food, without hope.
Thankfully, other countries are giving Haiti hope. And you can too. I’ve already made a $100 pledge (actually my mom made it) and President Obama has made a million-buck pledge. I’ll also make a list of charities that are not scams. I’ll update this post later.
They need your help.

EDIT:Here’s the list of releif orgina zations:
Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the red cross for helping Haiti.
Americares: (800) 486-4357
Care: (800) 521-2273
Doctors without borders (YEAAAAHHH) (888) 392-0392
International Orthodox Christian charities: (877) 803-4622
Mercy Corps:(888) 256-1900
Oxfarm America:(800) 77-OXFARM
Partners in health:(617) 432-5256
Save the Children:(800) 728-3843
U.S. Fund for UNICEF:(800) FOR-KIDS
I got these charities from And I heard that the Doctors without borders (AWESOME) is teaming up with some other relief organization.

Please, don’t be a Baby Doc! Donate!


Galaga puppies!

December 22, 2009 - Leave a Response

First off, I am sick with a fever of 100.8 degrees F =(  Second , I adopted a puppy named Calvin on the 19th =) Finally, heres how to hack the galaga game at your local arcade and get a free game!

First, wait for the demo to come on. press the fire button. Your ship will shoot. Wait for a green dude to come over and  try to abduct you. shoot him dead. You will now be able to move  your ship wherever you want AND fire at will in the demo version!!!

However, the game may discover the glitch and fix it. YOU’ll when that happens because the screen wil say SYSTEM OKAY! and go back to the the GALAGA sign thing. In rare cases, the game will NOT fix the glitch but stop the demo and say SYSTEM PROBLEMS or something. When this happens, go tell an arcade worker that the galaga machine is broken.

And 1 more thing. Ive only hacked Pac-Man/Ms.Pac-Man/Galaga games, but I think it will work on any Galaga game.      caio!!

Hello world!

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