Help out Haiti

Hello. Now, litsen, you know about Katrina, right? And last year in China. Haiti is a lot like that now. We can’t let those people in Haiti go without a home, without food, without hope.
Thankfully, other countries are giving Haiti hope. And you can too. I’ve already made a $100 pledge (actually my mom made it) and President Obama has made a million-buck pledge. I’ll also make a list of charities that are not scams. I’ll update this post later.
They need your help.

EDIT:Here’s the list of releif orgina zations:
Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the red cross for helping Haiti.
Americares: (800) 486-4357
Care: (800) 521-2273
Doctors without borders (YEAAAAHHH) (888) 392-0392
International Orthodox Christian charities: (877) 803-4622
Mercy Corps:(888) 256-1900
Oxfarm America:(800) 77-OXFARM
Partners in health:(617) 432-5256
Save the Children:(800) 728-3843
U.S. Fund for UNICEF:(800) FOR-KIDS
I got these charities from And I heard that the Doctors without borders (AWESOME) is teaming up with some other relief organization.

Please, don’t be a Baby Doc! Donate!


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